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E A R T H S  M I G H T I E S T  H E R O E S

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‘Oldest Gay In The Village’, LGBT Advocate Receives Letter Of Congratulations From British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated a 90 year-old gay man dubbed ‘the oldest gay in the village’ for his commitment to the LGBT community.

George Montague wrote to the Conservative Prime Minister, thanking him for pushing through same-sex marriage laws in the UK. He also included a copy of his new book, The Oldest Gay In The Village, and undoubtedly did not expect a response. However, a letter directly from number 10 Downing Street followed, with Cameron praising Montague for his ‘impressive’ efforts… Read more.

» Sexualities (with pizza!)
Straight person: I like plain pizza!
Gay person (male or female): I like pepperoni pizza!
Bisexual: I like both pepperoni and plain pizza!
Pansexual: I like any kind of pizza, no matter the topping.
Asexual: I don't like pizza.
Aromantic: I don't like pizza either, but I may enjoy the smell or the aesthetic.
Demisexual: I only enjoy pizza if it's specially made for me.
Homophobe: What is wrong with you? God made pizza to be plain, not so you can put all these toppings on it!!
Homophobe: And you can't like both plain and pepperoni! You're just confused! Choose one and stop being greedy!
Homophobe: WAITER! See that person getting pepperoni pizza? Take it back, because I don't like that.

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zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

there are no security titans in greek mythology. hera kills the entire audience and zeus does nothing

Zeus is out lookin for his next booty call


I have this headcanon that Cinderella constantly made a lot of snide-ass comments to herself in order to keep up that impossibly cheerful and refined presence 



Becoming A Thornberry!

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selfies are so important and i will fight anyone who says otherwise. i joke with my younger sister that she takes too many because it’s my job as a sister to give her a hard time but i honestly love that she loves herself enough to take so many pictures. so when people tell me that selfies are such a terrible thing, all i hear is someone saying “i don’t think people should be happy with how they look because i’m a bitter pissbaby”

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Reblog if you would date a bisexual person

Like if you wouldn’t because there is “too much competition”

Trying to prove a point to an asshole

ϟ The Magic Begins: Day 3
Favourite movie » Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager









this is mesmerizing. 

non equine blogs have reblogged this? Because that’s really cool because horses and stuff.

always reblog

Always reblog

Alright this is absolutely fantastic

But can we talk about how either 51,231 people have seen someone die or a bunch of people just reblogged a loop gif of a hurdle

Hello I am from tumblr and I understood that reference that  you have just made

im so confused and i demand to be informed

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